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Launch Your Own
100% Custom Fitness App

Transform your fitness brand into a thriving online venture with a custom fitness app, that can be as passive or hands on as you’d like.

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Creators we’ve already
built custom apps with

Here’s a few of the people we’ve partnered up with to create successful custom apps

Your Brand, Products & Business Model

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Personal Coaching

Offer personal coaching with chat, workout plans, meal plans, check-ins and more directly through your own custom app.

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Package unique app features, live sessions, workout plans, meal plans, recipes, courses and much more into a membership app.

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Digital Content

Sell your courses, meal plans, workout plans, recipes etc. as one time purchases directly in your custom app.

Your Brand, Products &
Business Model

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The Features & Content Your
Audience Wants

When we say custom, we mean custom! We build a huge variety of features into your app. Here is a few of the most popular features:

Workout & Activity Tracker

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Workout Plans, Programs & Follow Along

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Chat (with text, audio, images, and video)

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Calorie & Macro Calculators

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Auto-adjusting Meal Plans & Recipes

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Smart Shopping List

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Body Metrics & Goal Trackers

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Gamification features

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Educational Plans & Guides

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And much more…

From Concept to Your
Unique App in Record Time!

Each of our apps is hand made for you based on a consultation call with our team. We make each app unique, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and create something you can truly call yours… and we do it in record time.

Kick-off meeting

We’ll dive into feature planning, target audience, content strategy, launch preparation, pricing structure, and much more.


App development starts

Our development team starts setting up the app.
You begin creating the digital content & products that goes into the app.

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We launch

We launch your custom app with a great launch strategy in place!

20-45 days

We would love to hear from you! Get in touch

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Jonas West Alrø, CEO at Beefit

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